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DEOCA Infrastructure

Message Of The Chairman



Ho Minh Hoang

First of all, on behalf of Deo Ca Traffic Infrastructure Investment Joint Stock Company (HHV), I would like to send to all of our  partners, shareholders and employees respectful greetings and sincere thanks. Thank you for your companionship and contribution over the years to the development of the Deo Ca brand as the foundation for developing HHV today.

We are proud to be the leading investor in the transport infrastructure field. The hitherto total value of all the projects that we have invested in under the public - private partnership method is 50.000 billion VND. The transport infrastructure works requiring high technology and many specific factors such as Hai Van Tunnel, Deo Ca Tunnel, Cu Mong Tunnel, Phu Gia - Phuoc Tuong Tunnels, etc. have been implemented by us with the desire to strengthen goods circulation and economic development, to reduce traffic accidents in the dangerous passes in the Central of Vietnam. We have also successfully rescued long stagnating projects such as: Bac Giang - Lang Son Expressway in the Northern Vietnam, Trung Luong - My Thuan Expressway in the Southern Vietnam, etc. By the success of these key transport projects, we have contributed to promote the socio-economic development of the country.

HHV operates by means of the focused growth strategy and the accurate perception of its position in the aspiration for prosperous Vietnam. Accordingly, HHV focuses on developing  its advantages of professional competence and real value in the transport infrastructure investment.

HHV has cooperated with Deo Ca Group (DCG) to develop an ecosystem towards the goal of completing "The golden roads creating golden value" through key business activities: (1) Investing in transport infrastructure projects; (2) Consulting and managing, constructing and installing projects as a general contractor; (3) Managing, operating and exploiting tunnels and expressways; (4) Investing and developing real estate projects and services associated with expressways.

In order to accompany the Government in completing 4.000km of expressways in the 2021-2030 period, in which PPP investment with the assignment of authority to localities is prioritized, we have made appropriate short-term, medium-term, long-term plans and simultaneously have divided investment capital according to the "Three letters P" model. Particularly, they include cooperating with localities to find capital sources and propose the participation of the central budget (P1), controling equity capital through optimizing business activities (P2), mobilizing investment capital from chartered capital raise in the stock market, bond issuance, investment cooperation (BCC), domestic and foreign credit borrowing (P3). We are determined to maintain our position as “the first-class transport infrastructure investor in the country and the international vision”.

Our business has grown based on the mindset of “Thinking different; creating differences" and the corporate culture has been built by operating tools such as "Balancing mind - Orienting - Quantifying" associated with the motto of the Three Management "Managing people - Managing works - Managing profits". Starting from "the Basic Operations", we always aim to create "Real Value" from specific projects and only "Raise Real Value" from optimizing management, reducing costs, openly and frankly criticizing inadequate policies, planning and investing in future human resources according to the model of "The flock of birds overcoming the storm". Therefore, HHV has actively adapted to negative changes such as tightening the credit, spreading the epidemic, etc. Determining that personnel are the foundation to growth and success, we alway attach great importance to selection of appropriate personnel to professionally train in master and doctoral courses. These training programs is supplemented knowledge accumulated from practical experience in the operation of HHV. They were systematized into theories and put in the curriculum to train management and strategic personnel of HHV.

With the available potentials and advantages, the leadership and whole employees of HHV always make great effort and determination to ensure the projects to the finish line on schedule in accordance with our commitment in order to fulfill the mission of bringing the safe life to the country and people of Vietnam.

Best regards.