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DEOCA Infrastructure

Corporate culture


It is vital to build a strong, qualified human resource. All members of the Group are “tempered, honed” by the 7T cultural basement: Sincerity – Devotion – Intellect – Confidence – Faithfulness – Pride – Gratefulness.

These factors are will be linked, flexibly intertwined in each orientation of operations, and in behaviors of each employee to their work, partners and customers

SINCERITY SINCERITY Being honest in both thoughts and actions at work

DEVOTION DEVOTION Do the best with all your talents and effort to accomplish the target

INTELLECT INTELLECT The good perception and creation in thoughts and actions give optimun results

CONFIDENCE CONFIDENCE Believing in your ability in every work

FAITHFULNESS FAITHFULNESS Being faithful to our promises

PRIDE PRIDE Being proud of the good things and valuable achievements that we has achieved

Strategic vision
Operating principle
  • Prestige - Quality - Efficiency

  • Creating Real Value - Adding Real Value Based on Platform
    operating principles

  • Leading Transport Infrastructure Investor in the Country and International vision

  • For a safe life for people and the Country of Vietnam

Strategic customer
  • Potential domestic and international investors and contractors have demand and desire for investment cooperation. Focusing on attracting strategic investors, strengthening joint venture and association activities to diversify investment capital sources to develop business activities for the Company.

Strategic market
  • The domestic market spans provinces and cities where transport infrastructure needs to be developed