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DEOCA Infrastructure

Corporate culture


Core values

Gratitude to those who have trusted, supported, shared, and accompanied the development of the Group.

Have ambitions and dare to do considerable or difficult work. Taking aspirations as the driving force to rise and overcome obstacles to achieve great results towards developing the Group and serving people.
Targeting the significant meaning of every work to accomplish fully.

Never give up on the right goal chosen.
Striving to overcome all difficulties and challenges to achieve the goal.
Getting up with a stronger will every time we fall to reach the finish line.

Strategic vision
Operating principle
  • Prestige - Quality - Efficiency

  • Creating Real Value - Adding Real Value Based on Platform
    operating principles

  • Leading Transport Infrastructure Investor in the Country and International vision

  • For a safe life for people and the Country of Vietnam

Strategic customer
  • Potential domestic and international investors and contractors have demand and desire for investment cooperation. Focusing on attracting strategic investors, strengthening joint venture and association activities to diversify investment capital sources to develop business activities for the Company.

Strategic market
  • The domestic market spans provinces and cities where transport infrastructure needs to be developed