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Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh attended the inauguration of Love Bridge and Bao Bien Road in Quang Ninh

In the morning of January 26, 2022, in Quang Ninh, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh attended and cut the ribbon to inaugurate Love Bridge (also known as Cua Luc Bridge 1) and Ha Long – Cam Pha Sea Road. These are 2 key projects invested by Quang Ninh province, and Deo Ca Group (including HHV’s member units) is the general contractor for the construction of Love Bridge and the tunneling package at the Bao Bien tunnel project.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh and delegates performed the inauguration ceremony of two key transport projects in Quang Ninh

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh highly appreciated the efforts of Quang Ninh province and especially Deo Ca Group for fulfilling its promise to complete projects in the context of the epidemic outbreak.

The problem of Quang Ninh province for Deo Ca was to study the architecture of 3 bridges on Cua Luc Bay, including Love brigdge, Cua Luc 2 bridge and Cua Luc 3 bridge which are not only used for traffic purposes. Deo Ca Group and provincial leaders consulted with many leading experts on planning, architecture, structure, etc.. Especially with the advice of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh.  The Prime Minister suggested that Cua Luc bridges should have breakthrough architecture, try to create highlights, not simply bridges for traffic, but must be iconic works of Quang Ninh for hundreds of years.

Deo Ca Group has successfully conquered the dangerous passes in the Central region, completed the typical highway in the North is Bac Giang – Lang Son and in the South is Trung Luong – My Thuan, but the sea bridge, the complex geological caverns are new milestones that Deo Ca Group has conquered.

To do this, there was consensus to link mechanisms from central to local, from local to contractors, from contractors to people. Especially with the support of the central leadership. Remember on the afternoon of the 30th of the New Year, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh went to Cua Luc construction site to visit, wish and give gifts to officials and employees and raised the question of whether the completion time of this project will ensure progress during the outbreak of the disease.

Mr. Ho Minh Hoang said: “The Prime Minister’s visit to the project is a great honor and encouragement for the staff who are working at the project, but it is also attaching responsibility to Deo Ca Group’s timely commitment to the country”.

The works in Quang Ninh done by Deo Ca Group so far have met the following criteria: progress, quality, and originality.

Mr. Ho Minh Hoang reports to Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh about the project

The Love Bridge only implemented in 20 months has a unique design with many breakthroughs in the bridge construction industry in Vietnam so far. This work is arranged 5 continuous steel spans and does not need to arrange expansion joints in 5 arch spans up to 290 meters long. That is the superiority compared to conventional bridges in Vietnam today.

Meanwhile, Bao Bien tunnel has a complex geology with the record that it is the largest tunnel through the mountain in Quang Ninh with the largest roadbed in Vietnam to date, completed after 8 months of implementation. This is an important milestone in 2021 when the Group is the first leader of the consortium to construct the sea-crossing bridge.

In Quang Ninh, Deo Ca Group is also implementing a number of other projects. One of them is Cua Luc 3. This project was started in October 2020, it is expected that Deo Ca will complete the project in mid-2022. Along with that, Deo Ca Group also advised and proposed for localities to mobilize capital to implement the Van Don – Mong Cai project.

According to the investment plan for works on Cua Luc Bay, Love Bridge has been completed, Cua Luc 3 is about to reach the finish line, Deo Ca said it was ready to join the implementation of Cua Luc 2 to synchronize the infrastructure system on Cua Luc Bay.

Mr. Ho Minh Hoang said: “When personnel, machinery, equipment, and a very careful preparation of the implementation plan are all available, Ca Deo is ready to “enter” the implementation of Cua Luc 2 bridge. The design of Cua Luc 2 project has been assessed by structural experts of Leonhardt Group (Federal Republic of Germany) as one of the top 10 cable-stayed bridges – the world famous inclined arch system. And with a desire to contribute as a whole to Quang Ninh province, we hope and have great faith in the appearance of Cua Luc 2 bridge in the coming year.”